Why are golf balls made out of horseshoes?

Why are golf balls made out of horseshoes?

Golf balls have come a long way since the first ones were made. The earliest golfers used items like leather, wood, and feathers to make balls for their game. They eventually found that horseshoes would work well as an alternative material due to its weight and size.

How have golf balls evolved over the years?

The composition of golf balls has evolved drastically throughout time. Simple wooden spheres were utilized at first. However, by the 15th century, they had been replaced with feathery balls. These leather balls were painted white and stuffed with feathers. There were various flaws with these handcrafted leather golf balls.

What was the first golf ball made of?

The first golf balls of leather were made with a bird feather stuffing. They were known as “featheries”. Surely they were burly and not very consistently made. Since they were made from leather they absorbed moisture during play and changed characteristics throughout the round.

What are 5-layered golf balls made of?

TaylorMade was the first company to produce 5-layered golf balls, and now many PGA Tour pros have them in their bags. Back in the earlier days when balls were made of wood, leather and early rubber compounds, the golf balls were finished with a layer of point.