Who is the cover star of Golf Magazine's May 2022 issue?

Who is the cover star of Golf Magazine’s May 2022 issue?

Nelly Korda is the cover star of GOLF Magazine’s May 2022 issue. One Friday night in December, a group of major champions gathered in a ballroom at the Orlando Ritz-Carlton.

What is the best magazine for golfers?

Golf tips is a physical and online magazine that has been doing just that for more than 30 years. Leading American Pros offer instructions, practice and improvement drills, mental tips and fitness advice. They also offer advice on golf travel for a range of budgets and give information and advice on golf equipment and accessories.

Is there a women’s GOLF Magazine?

Sadly, while many of the featured magazines do have content aimed at women golfers, Women’s Golf Journal is the only national United States golf magazine dedicated to this market. It started in 2015 and covers a range of golf information of interest to women specifically.

What is Purcell Golf Magazine?

This bi-monthly US golf magazine is published by Purcell Enterprises, Inc. based in South Carolina. Their stated mission is ” bringing the most engaging, sophisticated and surprising content to its audience of passionate golfers.”