Who is Jeff Scheffler’s swing coach?

Who is Jeff Scheffler’s swing coach?

His acumen as a player (with a coaching pedigree) has helped provide an extra set of eyes to Scheffler’s swing coach, Randy Smith. Seeing all of Scheffler’s swings, Scott reports back to Smith on how Scheffler’s swinging.

How much did Adam Scott and Adam Scheffler make from their relationship?

Even if Scheffler and Scott’s agreement varies from the formula that Collins put forward, it’s safe to say that with Scheffler cashing in for more than $9 million since the start of their relationship, Scott is doing pretty well. Watson was happy for his former partner after Scheffler and Scott won the Masters on Sunday.

What did Teddy Tesori say about Scheffler and Scottie?

When Scheffler called Scott about working together, Scott had questions for the young Texan. Tesori relates the story of how Scott had as many questions for Scheffler as the future boss would have for his looper. “Teddy and Scottie talked for quite awhile before they went to work for him,” Tesori says.

What made Scheffler so good at the Masters?

Moments after completing a Masters caddie hat-trick, having previously won with Bubba Watson in 2012 and 2014, Scott opined that a good family environment allowed Scheffler to play golf without a crushing burden of expectation. "This guy is very much loved at home.