Who is Dave Phillips of TPI?

Who is Dave Phillips of TPI?

Dave Phillips. Dave is located in Oceanside, California and is a co-founder of TPI. He is also a member of the PGA of America and has devoted the past 25 years to becoming a world-class instructor. He is rated one of the Top 100 Teachers in the country by Golf Magazine and Top 50 by Golf Digest. TPI was developed by Dave Phillips and Dr.

Who are the top 5 golfers at GOLFTEC?

Ayumi Hori, Balboa G.C., Encino 1.) Nick Clearwater (T-33), GolfTEC Headquarters, Englewood 2.) Patrick Nuber, GolfTEC Headquarters, Englewood 3.) Trent Wearner, Trent Wearner Golf Academy, Englewood 4.) Don Hurter, Castle Pines G.C., Castle Rock 5.)

Who are the best PGA Tour golfers in the US?

Ryan Chaney, Ryan Chaney Golf, Laytonsville 18.) Kevin Tanner, GolfTEC North Bethesda 1.) Shawn Hester, TPC Boston, Norton 2.) Tom Cavicchi, Harmon Golf, Rockland 3.) Jane Frost, Jane Frost Golf Performance Center at Sandwich Hollows G.C., East Sandwich 4.)

Who are the best golf teachers in Las Vegas?

Don Callahan, Butch Harmon School of Golf at Rio Secco G.C., Henderson 9.) Tim Sam, GolfTEC Henderson 10.) Paul Marchand, The Summit C., Las Vegas