Which Warriors player wore the first LPGA hoodie?

Which Warriors player wore the first LPGA hoodie?

If you’re a basketball fan, you may recognize Bazemore for being one of two Warrior players to first publicly wear the LPGA #HoodieForGolf that Wie West designed to broaden the reach of women’s golf.

How much did the LPGA raise through its tie-dye hoodie drive?

The LPGA announced Tuesday that it has raised over $350,000 for charities through its tie-dye hoodie drive.

Why did Michelle Wie design this tie-dye LPGA hoodie?

If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Pricing may vary. Michelle Wie West designed this tie-dye LPGA hoodie after being inspired by the success the WNBA was having with its now-iconic orange hoodie. But that wasn’t her only motivation.

Where can I purchase the LPGA hoodie?

The LPGA hoodie is available for purchase at LPGAProShop.com. Share your photo with the hoodie on social media using the hashtag #HoodieForGolf.