Which Vokey shaft with the stock wedge flex?

Which Vokey shaft with the stock wedge flex?

I also 58 with the stock Vokey wedge flex and it feels fine.. The stock Vokey shaft with the "wedge flex" is a Dynamic Gold S200.

What is wedge flex and does it matter?

All wedge flex means is the type of shaft on the wedge will be generally heavier and slightly stiffer than a regular flex club such as an iron. Therefore it has a “wedge flex shaft”. Does Wedge Flex Matter?

What is the softest wedge flex shaft?

Wedge flex is the S200 shaft. Slightly softer than the s300. I suppose you are interested in the KBS Tour shaft. I would recommend the S flex. I would also recommend you give the KBS High Rev shaft consideration as well. It has a much softer feel than the already soft KBS Tour.

Do You Play wedge flex shafts in your 52 or 56?

I play wedge flex shafts in my 52 and 56. to be honest with you, I don’t think it makes a difference. i think the wedge flex shafts go a little higher. that helps my shots come into the green a little softer and spin back only 1 or 2 feet. its up to you but i prefer the wedge flex shafts. Please sign in to comment ken r ken r gaffney, SC