Where should the golf ball be positioned when hitting Irons?

Where should the golf ball be positioned when hitting Irons?

As you learn how to hit irons, you want to always note where the golf ball is in relation to: And the correct position varies slightly depending on whether you’re using a long iron or a short iron. Let’s break this down. When using a short iron, make sure the ball is positioned in the center of your golf stance.

How to hit a golf ball off the side?

Find the ball position that lets you keep the club as straight as possible. If you’re too far away from the ball, your swing plane will be more horizontal. This will keep the ball low and hit it off to the sides. Position the ball closer to your front foot. First, position the ball right in the middle of your legs.

Where should the ball be placed on a 4-iron?

A handy rule of thumb for ball position with irons is ‘inches to iron number’ with reference to your left heel. So, with a 4-iron, for example, the ball should be 4 inches inside your left heel – further forward than with mid- and short irons.

How do you hit a golf ball with a short iron?

Try following these steps: 1 Stand with your feet together, the ball aligned with the space between your feet. 2 Step your lead foot towards the target, but make that step slightly smaller than you would if you were setting up your stance for a short iron. 3 Take a step away from the target with your trail foot. … 4 Check your golf ball. …