Where are the best places to play golf in Bermuda?

Where are the best places to play golf in Bermuda?

These places are best for golf courses in Bermuda: The Turtle Hill Golf Club; Port Royal Golf Club; Mid Ocean Club; Tucker’s Point Club; Belmont Hills Golf Club; See more golf courses in Bermuda on Tripadvisor

Are Bermuda golf clubs private or public?

Most Bermuda clubs are private but three – Ocean View, Port Royal (Bermuda’s second best) and St. George’s (presently closed) are public courses owned by the Bermuda Government. All the latter three has a management committee, Board of Trustees and golf pros approved by the present government.

Can you golf in Bermuda in winter?

But during winter, weather in Bermuda is excellent for golfing, and finding tee time is also relatively easier. There are 9 golf courses that are presently operating in Bermuda… six 18-hole championship courses, one 9-hole course, one 18-hole mini course, and one that has a driving range with a practice green.

What is the oldest golf course in Bermuda?

The “Father of Golf Architecture”, Charles Blair Macdonald and his associate, Seth Raynor, originally laid out the Mid Ocean Club course and it opened for play in 1924 adjacent to the Atlantic. Bermuda is virtually one enormous golf club and Port Royal is the most popular golf course on the islands.