When was the first major championship won with a PING putter?

When was the first major championship won with a PING putter?

The first major championship to be won using a PING putter came in 1969 at the Masters. In 1969, Ping introduced irons based on the same principle of perimeter weighting, and these were quickly successful. The other golf equipment manufacturers soon followed Ping’s innovations, which became industry standards.

What is the history of PING golf clubs?

History Karsten Solheim started the company in his garage in Redwood City, California. He built his first putter in 1959, and noticed that it made a "ping" sound when it struck the ball. In 1972, Ping was the first company to come out with a color-code fitting system for their clubs.

Where was the first ping pong tournament?

Location: London. In 1901, ping pong fever had overtaken Britain. The infant sport (also known as “table tennis”) was decreed by some as a passing fad, but more than a few people were invested enough to compete in an open tournament in London.

When was the first professional golf tournament held?

The First Professional Golf Tournament. Richard Cavendish traces the evolution of today’s ‘mega-bucks’ sports industry back to 17 October 1860 and a small competition in Scotland.