What's happened to Tom Daly?

What’s happened to Tom Daly?

The 53-year-old golfer has made plenty of news this week. The PGA’s Americans with Disabilities Act committee decided he could use a golf cart at Bethpage due to the arthritis in his knee. The decision has been controversial—Daly is only the second player, after Casey Martin, to be permitted use of a cart on the PGA Tour.

Who is John Daly and why is he so famous?

JOHN DALY is in action this week at the PGA Championship and has caused quite the stir. The 56-year-old is back in action and hoping to win his third golf major at Bethpage Black. Daly has wowed spectators with his colourful outfits, Father Christmas-esque beard and his use of the good old golf buggy.

Why is John Daly not playing in the Senior Open?

Daly has been playing on the PGA Tour Champions, which allows for carts, but as a past winner of the PGA Championship he is eligible to play in the tournament as long as he is able. Daly withdrew from the U.S. Senior Open last year after saying that the USGA denied his request to use a cart.

Why is John Daly using a golf cart at PGA Championship?

Now it’s looking like Daly plays golf purely for leisure and the love of the game. Why is John Daly using a golf cart at the PGA Championship? Golfers are not usually allowed to ride golf carts at PGA Tour events and are obliged to walk between shots.