What should I eat and drink on the golf course?

What should I eat and drink on the golf course?

Fueling your body on the golf course is essential to playing your best golf. In order to perform your best, you will want to eat something every 2-3 holes and drink a lot of water. The ultimate goal is to keep your blood sugar as even-keeled as possible by continuing to eat and drink throughout your round.

How do you snack on the golf course?

Choose More Whole Foods Although many golfers grab quick and convenient snacks for the course, such as a granola bar or chocolate-covered pretzels, those insulin-spiking, processed products can actually leave you hungrier than before. Take the first step to snack with success by choosing more natural, whole foods over man-made, processed, products.

Why do golfers eat sandwiches on the golf course?

Why it’s good for golfers: Convenient and tastier to eat then that messy, dry sandwich with wilted lettuce and a poor excuse for a tomato slice.

What are the best healthy snacks for golfers?

This is a great healthy snack option for golfers to store in your golf bag and pull out mid round to get an energy boost for the back nine. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. is redefining your favorite protein snack, hand-cutting premium meats and smoking them to tender perfection.