What kind of wedges do Vokey wedges offer?

What kind of wedges do Vokey wedges offer?

We offer unique grinds, tour-preferred finishes, and limited edition wedges. The HandGround program showcases Bob’s true master craftsmanship and allows you to truly customize a wedge to your exact specs. Welcome to Vokey WedgeWorks SM9 wedges are available in 4 unique finishes: Tour Chrome, Jet Black, Brushed Steel, and Raw.

What Vokey Golf Grips and shafts are available?

A variety of unique Vokey grips are available in rubber and cord models to fit your game. Extensive selection of high-performance golf shafts are available including wedge specific shafts and a variety of shafts at no up-charge.

What products are available in the Vokey shop?

Custom design wedges, Vokey gear and apparel, and limited edition products in the Vokey Shop. Unique grinds. Tour-preferred finishes. And the all-new SM8.

What is the Vokey SM9 wedge?

Vokey’s SM9 wedge offers a clean look golfers will appreciate. One of the most important aspects of Vokey’s new SM9 wedge is a visible technology that can’t be seen in the address position. However, if you were to flip over the wedge, you’d notice a slightly thicker piece of material situated in the toe section, just behind the topline.