What is the range of a Volkswagen e-Golf?

What is the range of a Volkswagen e-Golf?

Volkswagen e-Golf range While the e-Golf has a claimed maximum range of 144 miles, depending on your driving style, as well as traffic conditions and the weather, in our experience a range of 130 miles is a realistic expectation for general driving.

How efficient is the e-Golf?

As with most electric vehicles, the e-Golf is very efficient in an absolute sense, promising more than 110 MPGe in daily driving. For most (or perhaps even all) EV buyers, overall driving range is as important or more important than efficiency.

How far can an electric golf go on a single charge?

Able to go for 125 miles on a single charge, the e-Golf falls far short of the Bolt EV (238 miles total range), the Kona Electric (258 miles total range), and the Model 3 Mid Range (264 miles total range). Likes: Nicely trimmed and businesslike interior, sleek-looking infotainment display, practical hatchback body.

How far can the e-Golf go on one charge?

While even the entry-level Volkswagen ID.3 is capable of over 215 miles on a single charge, the e-Golf’s 144-mile range is more than capable of covering shorter commutes, as well as out of town trips with a little bit of forward planning.