What is the optimum driver shaft length?

What is the optimum driver shaft length?

The standard length of a three iron is 38.75 inches, five iron is 37.5 inches, seven iron is 37 inches, and 9 iron is 35.5 inches. The shaft length in drivers helps you determine how fast you can swing the golf club, along with the angle of attack and the club’s path. The standard length for the drivers is 44.5 inches.

How to determine driver shaft length?

How to Pick Driver Shaft LengthSteps to Choose the Right Shaft. There are various parameters that you must consider while trying to pick the right shaft for your game.Length: The best way to narrow down on the right shaft is to do test shots on the range with drivers of varying lengths.Flex. …Kick-point. …Spin rate. …Grip size. …

Are shorter driver shafts more accurate?

Using a shorter driver shaft will help most beginning and intermediate golfers square up the clubface better at impact thus creating more consistency in distance and accuracy. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below and share if a lighter driver shaft has worked for you!

What is the average length of a driver shaft?

“The standard driver length of 45.5-46.5 inches offered by the majority of companies is too long for most golfers and will prevent them from achieving their maximum potential for distance and accuracy.” Most driver shafts were around 43 inches until the early 1990s. The stock standard now is anywhere from 45.5 to 46.75 inches.