What is the one shot golf app?

What is the one shot golf app?

The name says it all: you’ve got one shot, so it had better be good. The One Shot Golf app, available for free on iPhone or Android, lets players line up their shot, then swing a golf putter and hope for a hole in one.

What is oneshot golf?

Control Real-World Golfing Robots, compete against each other, and win real prizes! OneShot Golf is a brand new skills-based mobile game that puts YOU in control of REAL-WORLD golfing robots for a true-to-life Esports experience! Players compete against each other in daily tournaments for real life prizes on a selection of different golf courses.

What is a golf shot called?

A golf shot is the name for the shot that a player makes when hitting a golf ball. This could be with any club over any distance. A 300 yard shot is called a golf shot and so is a 2 yard shot. A very long shot to a very short shot, and everything in betweeen- they’re all golf shots!

What is a punch in golf?

A PUNCH is a shot that is designed to stay low to the ground. A FAT shot is one where you hit the ground first, and a THIN or a TOP is where you hit too far up on the ball. In the short game, a FLOP is a high, soft-landing shot; a CHIP is a low running shot; and a PITCH is somewhere in the middle, usually taken from a little further out.