What is the Maxfli straightfli compression rating?

What is the Maxfli straightfli compression rating?

The Maxfli Straightfli Compression Rating is 85 on a scale from 30 to 120 on the golf ball compression chart. The lower the compression score is, the softer the golf ball is, and the higher, the harder it is.

Which Maxfli golf ball is right for You?

For those who are looking for a golf ball that does not give too much spin on the tee but offers expected spin around the greens, then the Maxfli Softfli Matte golf ball is for you. This golf ball offers a softer feel and lower compression. Maxfli Softfli’s 35 compressions give a wonderful feel and exceptional greenside control while playing golf.

What are Maxfli softfli golf balls?

Maxfli SoftFli Golf Balls are designed with a low compression rating of 35. This means that you’ll get a great feel on all your shots from a ball designed with that in mind. In addition, the soft compression design provides an excellent level of forgiveness because they offer a softer feel during your swing.

What is the compression on a straightfli golf ball?

The MaxFli Straightfli golf ball has a compression rating of 85. This rating puts it at the higher end of the medium compression level, just shy of the 90, putting it into the high compression category. It is designed for a golfer with middle to fast swing speed, looking for explosive distance and accuracy. Are Straightfli golf balls good?