What is the lightest set of golf clubs?

What is the lightest set of golf clubs?

When it comes to high quality golf clubs, the Cobra F-Max Airspeed clubs are 100% the lightest option on the market. Cobra is the king (sorry, queen!) of complete sets for women, especially senior women. They definitely are NOT cheap, but they are well worth it if your budget allows.

What are the benefits of using lighter golf clubs?

Lighter golf clubs allow people to swing freely and naturally, which is helpful for older players for whom swinging heavy clubs may be challenging, Because they are lighter, graphite shafts are often longer (by an inch or so) than steel-shafted clubs and can, therefore, generate higher swing speeds.

What does a lighter shaft mean on a golf club?

Remember though, a lighter shaft means the clubhead will feel heavier even though the overall club is lighter. This refers to what clubmakers call swing weight — it’s a measurement of how heavy a club feels as you swing it, not how heavy it actually is.

Who benefits from super lightweight golf clubs?

Who benefits from super lightweight clubs? Those that have very slow swing speeds. Typically, senior golfers and men that simply have slow swing speeds for other reasons (bad flexibility, short arms, low athleticism) are the ones who should buy light weight irons.