What is the first stroke in golf called?

What is the first stroke in golf called?

The first stroke, usually a pitch, a bunker shot or a chip, gets the ball ‘up’ onto the green, and the subsequent putt gets the ball ‘down’ into the hole. A variation is called “up and in”. [W] Wedge A type of golf club; a subset of iron designed for short range strokes.

What is the backward part of the golf swing?

Backswing The backward part of the swing starting from the ground and going back behind the head. Ball-marker A token or a small coin used to spot the ball’s position on the green prior to lifting it. Ball-washer A device found on many tee boxes for cleaning golf balls.

How to start a golf swing for beginners?

First and foremost you need to have a good set up for your swing. You need to have your feet shoulder width apart and the club a comfortable length away from your body. The club head should be on the ground behind the golf ball so you are ready to start your swing. This is the first part of your swing.

What is the golf swing?

The golf swing determines how you hit the ball and, from that, where the ball goes. There are five essential parts to the traditional golf swing that must be mastered to hit the ball toward the target.