What is the difference between the Adams XTD and other lofts?

What is the difference between the Adams XTD and other lofts?

It’s worth noting that Adams is making great efforts to generate more distance with the XTD iron using technology rather than just strengthening the lofts. The XTD has the thinnest cast iron face to date from Adams which gives a little more pop off the face and increases the ball speed.

Why buy Adams Golf’s new XTD drivers?

Year in and year out, Adams Golf always manages to pique my interest with the new clubs they bring to market. After having success with previous generations of XTD clubs, Adams introduced a new line of matte black woods which include one of the hottest drivers on the market and we were more than happy to take the XTD driver for a spin.

Will TaylorMade’s new XTD driver turn the tide for Adam Adams?

Their new XTD line of clubs, which comes in the wake of their sale to TaylorMade-Adidas golf, may just start to turn the tide and establish Adams as a more top-of-mind golf equipment player. That line starts with the XTD driver. Like almost all drivers these days, the XTD head measures 460cc .

How good are the 2014 Adams XTD Irons?

The 2014 Adams XTD ironstook me by complete surprise when I first heard them, because it was like nothing I had ever heard from an iron before. The sound is a lot more like a wood or hybrid than an iron which gives you a certain sense of confidence and forgiveness on each shot.