What is the best position to hit a golf ball?

What is the best position to hit a golf ball?

The center of the club face! Ideally the golfer will hit the golf ball with the center of the club face (or sweet spot) with every club in the bag. A golf ball hit too far on the toe, heel, high or low will result in a shot that potentially travels offline or not far enough.

Where should you focus on a golf ball?

While common advice is to focus either on the entire ball, a spot in front of the ball, a specific dimple on the ball or the back inside quarter of the golf ball there is no rule here and no proven method. Experiment and find out what works for best for you personally.

What quarter of the golf ball should you hit it on?

The most common advice given on this subject is to look at the back inside quarter of the golf ball. This is to facilitate an inside/out swing. For every ball and stick sport we play be it baseball, tennis or golf, the goal is to strike the inside back quarter of the ball for ultimate power and control.

How to properly address a golf ball?

Address- You proceed to address the golf ball after taking a stance, the right posture, and properly gripping the golf club. Let your club head touch the ground right behind your golf ball. Grounding the club is the situation where your club is on the ground as you address the ball.