What is the best golf ball for 15 handicap golfer?

What is the best golf ball for 15 handicap golfer?

Hence that average golfer that wishes to maximize his speed and make straight distance shot, the Callaway supersoft ball is ideal. Similarly, it also makes the best golf ball for 15 handicap golfer. When you generally suffer lower swing speed, the Callaway supersoft ball suits you.

Is there a difference between beginner golf balls and high handicappers?

However, there are some significant differences between buying golf balls for beginners and buying golf balls for high handicappers. Beginners have spent almost no time on the golf course, and their golf swing has not been perfected. In fact, each time a beginner goes out to play, their swing speed and performance could be entirely different.

How to choose the right golf ball for your swing speed?

Generally, you need soft golf balls for slow swing speeds as amid handicapper. Besides, low compression balls register fewer unwanted spins. On the other hand, high swinger pro golfers can generate the distance they want. Thus they find high compression balls ideal.

What is a mid handicap golf ball?

Luckily mid handicappers around the 10 handicap mark are right in the sweet spot of the golf ball market to take advantage of golf balls designed specifically with medium spin and long distance without a huge price tag! Your average score is about 85 and you’re close to the breaking 80 barrier.