What is St George Golf Club?

What is St George Golf Club?

St. George Golf Club is a municipal course operated by the City of St. George. This course has stood strong as the city has grown and new courses have been added. The golf course has been a part of St. George for 30+ years.

How many yards is the Royal St George’s Golf Club?

7,204 yards (6,587 m) The Royal St George’s Golf Club located in Sandwich, Kent, England, is a golf club in the United Kingdom and one of the courses on The Open Championship rotation and is the only Open rota golf course to be located in Southern England.

Where are the best golf courses in Toronto?

World-class golf, close to home. Stanley Thompson’s masterfully designed course has truly stood the test of time. Ranked among the world’s finest courses, St. George’s offers a premier golf and country club escape from life’s hustle and bustle, nestled among the tree-lined streets of Toronto’s west-end.

Who designed St George’s golf course in Toronto?

Stanley Thompson, one of North America’s most talented architects was commissioned to fashion a championship course in downtown Toronto, close to the shores of Lake Ontario and in 1929 the course opened for play. In 1992, Doug Carrick was commissioned to renovate St George’s.