What is offset on a golf clubhead?

What is offset on a golf clubhead?

Tom Wishon founder of Tom Wishon Golf Technology and one of the world’s finest clubmakers says: “Offset is a design condition in clubheads in which the neck or hosel of the head is positioned in front of the face of the clubhead, so that the clubface appears to be set back a little from the neck of the club.

What are offset hosel golf clubs?

These clubs are also known as offset hosel clubs because you’ll notice their hosel is bent, causing the clubhead to be positioned behind the shaft. Willie Smith, a Scottish golf expert, invented offsetting in the 1800s.

Do offset clubs really help your game?

Well if you struggle to square up the face at impact, struggle with a slice and need to hit the ball a bit higher, then offset clubs could most definitely help your game. Don’t forget to follow Golf Monthly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more golf tips.

What does “offset” mean?

Another way of saying it is that the shaft appears to be in front of, or ahead of, the clubface (because it is) when offset is present. Tom Wishon, a veteran golf club designer and founder of Tom Wishon Golf Technology, defines offset this way: