What is Chippo golf?

What is Chippo golf?

Chippo is the viral new golf game for beach, backyard, tailgate, office and clubhouse – a patented, mind-blowing mash-up of golf and traditional backyard games! We’ve combined the old fashioned, beer-slugging, tailgate-dominating, sunshine-basking goodness of games like cornhole with the gentlemanly, giddiness-inducing, side-betting beauty of golf.

What is a chip shot golf game?

This DIY backyard chip shot golf game is a combination of corn hole and golf and so much fun to play. I’ll be showing you how I built it in a step by step tutorial, as well as printable plans and a YouTube video, so follow along! I’m partnering with DAP Products to bring you this tutorial today.

How do you play Chippo?

Like all great and beautiful things, playing Chippo is pretty simple. Step One: Set up the boards as depicted here. Front edge to front edge should be about 15 feet apart, with the chipping mats sitting just in front of each board. Step Two: Find three friends (or highly skilled pets) and start chipping!

Can you play chip shot golf without grass?

This allows the game to be played anywhere, even when there isn’t grass. Once your game boards are finished, add some plastic cups to the holes. You can find plastic golf balls online or at stores like Walmart and Target. There are a number of ways to play this backyard chip shot golf game.