What is an excessive shot time in golf?

What is an excessive shot time in golf?

Anyone in the field who takes more than 120 seconds to play a single shot, absent a good reason for doing so, will be given an Excessive Shot Time. Additionally, fines and penalties for slow play have been enhanced significantly.

Should 40 seconds be required for a penalty shoot-off in golf?

If 40 seconds is just a “recommendation”, and not compulsory, then it is open to interpretation. A rules official may well decide that, given the complexity of the shot or the difficulty of the conditions, the player has played promptly – even if they have taken more than the recommended time to do so.

What happens if you get two shot time violations in golf?

Under the previous policy, golfers were given a penalty if they committed two shot time violations in a single round. By extending the span to the entire tournament, a player who racks up one violation will be forced to play at a reasonable pace for the rest of the weekend.

How long does it take to make a stroke in golf?

This rule says that, when it is a player’s turn to play, “it is recommended that the player make the stroke in no more than 40 seconds after he or she is (or should be) able to play without interference or distraction”.