What is an Aimpoint chart?

What is an Aimpoint chart?

AimPoint strives to isolate each variable that occurs on a putting green and the golfer basically plugs them into an AimPoint chart. Let me elaborate, for this example a golfer hits an approach shot to 15 feet and is getting ready to read the break of his simple one plane putt.

How do I find different slopes with Aimpoint Express?

With the Aimpoint Express system, the goal is to be able to recognize what different “percentage slopes” feel like. It is recommended that you use a digital level and click the “tilt percent” button to check yourself. I use the level to find 6 spots on the putting green with the following slopes: 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2%, 2.5%, and 3%.

How do you putt with Aimpoint Express?

You bend down, visualize the putt’s line, and hit to the line. With the Aimpoint Express system, you often stray away from visualization and more towards “spot putting”. For some golfers (particularly linear putters), putting in straight lines is comfortable. For others like myself, putting to a specific target is discomforting.

Is Aimpoint putting good for You?

AimPoint is a great resource for those looking to improve their game, as it provides a scale to measure the slope of greens and offers tips on how to use AimPoint putting. However, some golfers find that it can take away from the fun of playing golf. When Do I Use the AimPoint Putting Technique?