What is a rescue club in golf?

What is a rescue club in golf?

Hybrid, Rescue, Utility Explained A rescue club is often known as a hybrid or utility golf club. It is a club designed to fill the gap between long irons and fairway woods by combining the best of both clubs in one easy to hit package.

What is the difference between long irons and Rescue clubs?

Long irons, especially bladed clubs have lower MOI with means they twist more on off center hits and are less forgiving. The hybrid or rescue clubs are a combination of long iron and fairway wood (hybrid) and extremely adaptable from poor lies (rescue). This hybrid design can be seen in the wide, smooth sole of rescue clubs.

What are the pros and cons of using a rescue club?

Rescue clubs exploded in popularity amongst professionals and amateurs because they are easier to hit than long irons or fairway woods. The secret to their success lies in how the clubs are constructed. The cavity on the back of rescue clubs is deeper and wider. This means manufacturers are freed up to move weight to the club head perimeter.

What loft should I use for my rescue club?

For example, if the rescue club has the loft of a long iron like a 3 iron, players should set up as though they were playing a long iron shot. Most rescue clubs generally have a loft similar to long irons as these are generally the most difficult clubs to hit, although hybrids go as low at 15 degrees and as high as short iron lofts.