What is a muscle back golf iron?

What is a muscle back golf iron?

What Is a Muscle Back Golf Iron? Who Should Play Them? The Titleist iron on the left is a muscleback; the one on the right is a cavityback. Acushnet Golf

Are muscle back irons and blades the same thing?

Yes, blades and muscle back irons are indeed the same type of irons. Muscle back iron is the technically correct name for these irons but they have been known as blades for many many years thanks to their sleek small clubheads that look like a blade at address. Are muscle back irons difficult to hit?

Are muscle-back irons better than cavity back irons?

Forgiveness: Most muscle-back irons are forgiving but not nearly as forgiving as cavity backs. To give better players the feedback they need, the irons cannot be overly lenient. Consistency: Muscle back irons are not nearly as consistent as a cavity back. A shot missed slightly off the center of the clubface could end up well short of your target.

What does muscle back mean in golf?

"Muscle back" (also spelled as one word, "muscleback") is a term that describes the design of some golf irons played mostly by very good, including the very best, golfers. When an iron is a muscle back, or a club is referred to as a "muscle back iron," it means that iron has a full back…