What is a golf Canada handicap committee?

What is a golf Canada handicap committee?

As per the Golf Canada Member Club Handicap License Agreement, in order to issue Handicap Indexes to its members, a club must have a Handicap Committee. How is a Course Handicap calculated? The way that a Course Handicap is calculated has changed with the WHS.

What is a handicap in golf?

Handicap is another term that has multiple meanings in golf. It can refer to a Course Handicap or it can refer to a Handicap Factor (in the United States, this is known as Index).

How do you calculate your handicap index in golf?

Calculating Your Handicap Index. Find your adjusted gross score. To calculate your Handicap Index, you’ll first need a minimum of five golf scores (and no more than 20). Gather at least five scores 18-hole scores or ten 9-hole scores and use them to calculate your Adjusted Gross Score.