What is a downhill lie in golf?

What is a downhill lie in golf?

A downhill lie refers to when the golf ball is sitting in an uneven lie at the point of address. Addressing a downhill lie is particularly awkward, and you need to adjust your setup to ensure the ball heads in the correct direction.

Should you hinge your wrists on the downhill lie?

In other words, you should not be hinging your wrists, causing the butt of the club to tilt forward as the clubhead moves back. Wrist hinge is what causes so many golfers to skull the golf ball on the downhill lie. Instead, you want to keep your wrists neutral as you swing back. This is the key secret to mastering the downhill lie.

How to play in a steep downhill lie?

Finding yourself in a steep downhill lie is far from ideal, and you will need to make the necessary adjustments to your setup to ensure you play a decent shot. You should also aim slightly left, widen your stance, shift your weight, and go with the next club up.

What is a downhill lie in the bunker?

A downhill lie in the bunker makes a tricky shot even more difficult, and you will have to adjust your setup to account for the uneven ground beneath your feet. In most instances, you will find yourself in a downhill lie when the ball finds the inner side of a bunker that is facing the green.