What is a bundled golf community?

What is a bundled golf community?

In Bundled golf communities, your Golf or Social membership is bundled into the purchase of your home whether it is a single-family home, coach home or condo. You do not pay an additional upfront “Initiation Fee”. Annual membership dues are required. Every homeowner in the community will be a golf or social member of the club.

Should you buy a home in a bundled golf community?

Also, it is important to understand that if you own a home in a “bundled” golf community, you will most likely be required to pay annual club membership dues until the home is sold. If golf isn’t your game or you don’t plan on utilizing the club’s facilities very much, this type of community might not make the most financial sense for you.

Are there any “bundled” golf communities in Southwest Florida?

There are a number of newer “bundled” golf communities here in Southwest Florida. Some are still in the earlier phases of construction so there are fewer homes, which means fewer memberships. This is great for those who want to play more golf because there aren’t as many members trying to get a tee time.