What is a 10 finger grip on a golf club?

What is a 10 finger grip on a golf club?

The 10 finger grip should begin about one finger width from the end of the club, or more, for shorter controlled shots. When the hands are together, the club should lie along the callous pad line of the hands and not in the palms. When the hands are closed around the club, the thumbs should be aligned straight down the club grip.

Do you have the right grip on your golf clubs?

Having the right grip allows you to maintain control of the golf club and the path of the golf swing takeaway. On the other hand, the wrong grip causes the clubface to move the wrong way at impact, which can result in mishits, duck hooks and slices. There are three different types of golf grips which all have their different purposes.

Is the interlocking golf grip good for small hands?

The interlocking golf grip is excellent for players with small hands that feel as though the club may slip out of their hands. If you do feel as though the golf club is just too big for your hands, check to make sure you are playing with a club that has the right grip size. Which Is Better Ten Finger Or Interlocking?

What grip do professional golfers use?

Most leading professional golfers use the interlocking grip, such as Tiger Woods. Take hold of the golf club and intertwine your pinky finger on the trailing hand with the index finger on the lead hand.