What happens when you hit a golf ball?

What happens when you hit a golf ball?

What Is The Science Behind The Force of Golf Ball Golf balls are a bit different than some other flying projectiles, like a bullet. When a golf ball is hit, it compresses. Depending on the speed at which it is hit, the golf ball can compress incredibly small compared to its original size.

What happened to the golf ball that tore through the cart?

His tee shot hit the back bar of the golf cart, and the ball zoomed around the inside of the golf cart. As the golf ball tore through the cart, it left both players with some pretty ugly injuries. There were some stitches involved and lots of ice packs, not to mention a few days away from the golf course.

How often do you get hit by a golf ball accidentally?

The bottom line is that getting hit with a golf ball completely accidentally is very rare, much lower than 1%. If, however, you are not careful and stand in front of others thinking they are skilled enough to hit the ball over or around you, you are asking for trouble.

Are there any lawsuits for being hit by a golf ball?

There have been several lawsuits related to people being hit with golf balls. The lawsuits do not all favor the person who was injured. Most of the time, a golfer does not intend to risk the life of another person when they stand up to the tee box to hit a shot.