What happened to the Titleist Drivers?

What happened to the Titleist Drivers?

The last series of Drivers that Titleist put out was the 917. For the true Titleist fans, this was an improvement from the D series but nobody was yelling from the mountaintop about these clubs. The Titleist TS2 and Titleist TS3 Drivers have greatly improved things. Offering distance gains, better ball flight and increased ball speeds.

What is the best Titleist driver for traditionalists?

Traditionalists will gravitate toward the look of the Titleist TS3 driver.   It’s round, symmetrical, and significantly shorter from front-to-back than the TS2.   Combined with a gloss black crown, it’s the most classic-looking driver on the market.   If you’re tired of graphics and two-tone crowns, the TS3 will be your jam.

Are Titleist TS3 golf drivers any good?

Titleist is one of the most well-known companies in the field of golf equipment and the latest TS3 golf driver has not failed us. Featuring a traditional design, high-performance, and a more than satisfying feel, TS3 fully backs up all the fuss it has made in the market.

Is the Titleist TS series Better Than the 917?

This TS series has improved so much from the 917. The look is better, the feel is better, the ball speed is higher, the carry is longer and there is a Titleist TS Driver for every swing out there. Having the lowest dispersion rates out there, and now competing on distance the Titleist name is one that is going to be around for many years.