What degree loft is a sand wedge?

What degree loft is a sand wedge?

The basic use of sand wedge is when you hit your ball into the bunker and you need to get the ball out from the bunker. Sand wedges come with a loft variation of 54-58 degrees. They are stamped with an S sign. As they are designed to hit the ball from the bunker they don’t tend to hit the ball very far.

What is the best degree for a sand wedge?

What Sort Of Bounce Is Use In Various Course Situations?Softer Sand. A high bounce SW with a bounce angle of ten to fourteen degrees (10-14) is the best to use in courses with soft sand.Medium-Hard Sand. A wedge with a bounce of 8-10 degrees is the best to use in golf courses with medium to hard sand. …Heavy Rough. …Tight Lies Off the Fairway Green. …

How many degrees is a sand wedge?

The standard loft for a sand wedge can range from 54 to 58 degrees. The sand wedge is more lofted than a pitching or gap wedge, so shots will not fly quite as far. Sand wedges feature a rounded…

What degree is a sand wedge?

Wedges range between 48 and 64 degrees. More specifically, the pitching wedge is 48 degrees, the gap wedge is 52 degrees, the sand wedge is 56 degrees, and the lob wedge is 60 or 64 degrees. This leaves the golfer plenty of options to ensure they have the right lofted wedges in their bag.