What are the top 10 golf courses in Scotland?

What are the top 10 golf courses in Scotland?

A to Z list of Scottish Golf Courses. A. Aberdour Golf Club. Alford Golf Club. Ardeer Golf Club. Aberfeldy Golf Club. Alloa Golf Club. Askernish Golf Club. Aberfoyle Golf Club. Alness Golf … B. Baberton Golf Club. Bellshill Golf Club. Braid Hills Golf Course. Balbirnie Park Golf Club. Benbecula …

What is the governing body for golf in Scotland?

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, known as the R&A, is the world governing body for the game (except in the United States and Mexico). The Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association was founded in 1904 and the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) in 1920.

Are there any women’s golf clubs in Scotland?

There are, of course, other Scottish men only clubs, such as at Prestwick and St Andrews, as well as other women only clubs elsewhere, not included in the above. The UK women’s golfing associations were all older that their male equivalents and most have merged with them.

How many golf clubs were founded in Scotland?

They were founded by visiting Scots and local interest in golf did not come until much later. This was also the case at at Wimbledon Common , founded in 1865, and therefore just outside this list, as are Haddington (1865) and Brook Common (1865). The Golfers Yearbook of 1866 lists 38 clubs playing 23 courses.