What are the PGA Tour’s final rankings?

What are the PGA Tour’s final rankings?

Given the sum of these metrics, the final rankings would be: 1 Masters 2 U.S. Open 3 British Open 4 PGA Championship

What are the best PGA Tour events to attend?

All PGA Tour events are important to their communities, but only a few are worthy bucket-list adventures for golf travelers. Of course, every golf fan in the world wants to attend The Masters. And the U.S. Open, The Open and the PGA Championship. Pro golf’s four majors offer the best fields, the biggest stakes and the most excitement.

What is the PGA Championship?

It is one of the four major golf championships in the world. It has been around since 1895, making it a classic. The event is staged by the United States Golf Association, which is often held in mid-June. Provided that there are no delays, the final round happens on the third Sunday of the month.

What are the most popular golf tournaments?

The Open Championship, The Open Championship, which used to be known as the British Open, is generally considered professional golf’s second most popular major tournament behind the Masters because it garners such a large amount of international exposure.