What are the grooves on my golf clubs for?

What are the grooves on my golf clubs for?

Grooves on your golf clubs primarily are designed to create spin when the ball is struck properly. Grooves on golf club faces are there primarily to impart spin to the ball.

Should I sharpen my club head or grooves?

A sharpened club head is not worth an injured eye or finger. Sharpened grooves will not add any significant spin on the ball but they can actually reduce if used on the same ball. Golf ball aerodynamics are extremely important. By a strong impact with razor sharps, grooves can scuff the ball outer covering.

Should I clean the grooves of my golf clubs?

So for less than optimal conditions and lies, I would recommend cleaning the grooves of your clubs. Referring back to Ralph Maltby playing without grooves, this would also apply to controlling the golf ball as well. You would be able to give your ball side spin in either direction without grooves on the clubface.

What happens if you hit a wet golf ball with grooves?

If a wet golf ball compresses against a clean club face with grooves, the water has a place to go. Even if it’s the tiniest amount of water, it still needs a place to go or the ball probably won’t compress properly. You won’t hit your target at the very least. Should you sharpen your grooves?