What are the characteristics of the driver?

What are the characteristics of the driver?

Specific characteristics of the driver 1 Shafts of are mainly made of graphite. 2 It’s the longest club in golf. 3 It has the largest clubhead and hitting area among all other golf clubs. The largest and the most popular driver… More …

What is a golf club?

The Golf club is a club in golf which is used to hit the ball. There are 6 types of golf clubs. Let’s have a quick look: Fairway woods (Drivers and fairway woods both are known as woods by the way) Components of a golf club: It has 4 components basically:

What are the characteristics of a good golf club?

The club head of a wood is large and hollow and has a curved face. Modern woods are more forgiving, and balls hit slightly off-center will often spin only slightly so they will curve toward where they were aimed.

What is a driver in golf clubs?

The driver belongs to the woods category of golf clubs and is classically referred to as the 1-Wood. It is typically the longest club found in a golf bag and also sports the biggest head of any club. Its goal is to get the ball as far as possible towards the green.