What are the best slotline putters?

What are the best slotline putters?

We tried the SL-784 Raider model from the 700 Series, which we found closest to what we’d remembered from the traditional Slotline putters from yesteryear. The head feels fairly heavy and stable, and the black and gold colors give it a polished, sleek look.

Who is the founder of slotline?

Like all good stories, there’s a human element to the Slotline tale, beginning with the company’s original founder, Clovis ‘Duke’ Duclos (pronounced doo-cloh). In the early 1970’s, Duclos wasn’t happy with his putting, so he decided to use his background as an aerospace engineer to ‘build’ something better.

Where is slotline Golf based?

Slotline Golf will operate out of the Richmond, Virginia, Dynamic Brands Corporate offices which currently house The Bag Boy Company, AMF Golf and The Baby Jogger Company. The question of course is, “Will They Succeed?”

What does the slotline acquisition mean for dynamic brands?

“The acquisition of the Slotline Company is the perfect complement to our existing golf brands, and it represents a major step forward in the Company’s business growth strategy,” said David Boardman, CEO Dynamic Brands.