What are the best clubs to have in your bag?

What are the best clubs to have in your bag?

By the time you reach stage 12, Bat Wings and Earth will probably be the best clubs for your bag. People love the shot shaping of Lava, but the low power is a big turn-off. Lava is pretty useful in some of the shootouts in stage 13, however. If you are playing this game for quite some time now, certain Club setups will go a long way.

Can I separate my Facebook account from my golf rival account?

If your current Facebook is attached to your current Golf Rival account, it can’t be separated. You’ll want to get a few hundred golf friends. Facebook will eventually help out by suggesting people you may know, which will mostly be golf rival players. I would recommend starting a new google email ID and a new Facebook account.

When to use the best clubs in golf rival?

This is a problem faced by many players in Golf Rival. Let me list the Best clubs as per their levels and when you should use them. First, Stage 9: The only good thing about passing stage 9 is unlocking phoenix and unicorn. But there is nothing good about being at stage 11 with the above club set in my opinion. Lava doesn’t unlock until stage 12.

How to aim a golf ball in rival?

In order to strike and reach the desired point, you need to strike the ball when the bar reaches exactly in between. If during the strike, the bar is tilted towards left or right then the ball will reach the left and right side of your desired point respectively. 2. How to aim in Golf Rival?