What are the benefits of putting games in golf?

What are the benefits of putting games in golf?

Putting games make golf more fun and can improve your skills. Poor putting is the bane of many golfers. Reducing the number of putts you take is essential to posting lower scores. But practicing putt after putt can become boring and lead to repeating bad habits.

How far do you putt on a golf course?

This putting drill challenges you from multiple distances while building feel and muscle memory from repetition. Start by placing 5 golf balls about 60 feet away form a hole. Use your putter to measure 3 foot lengths at a time or take a tape measure.

What is a golf ball putting game?

It involves creating shapes and drawings on the putting green by using golf balls. For example, to create an outline of a square (with the hole in the middle) we would use 4 balls to mark four corners of the square. You can get creative with this putting game by drawing shapes, letters of the alphabet, numbers and anything else that comes to mind.

How many balls should you put in a golf putt?

Next, set 4 balls down at 50 feet, then 3 balls at 40 feet, 2 balls at 30 feet, and 1 ball at 20 feet. This putting game will challenge your lag putting (speed control) and how well you can nestle the ball close to the hole for an easy tap-in putt to finish the hole.