Should you start playing in local golf tournaments?

Should you start playing in local golf tournaments?

If you’ve decided to start playing in local golf tournaments you should have some sort of goal or objective in mind. This can be as simple as aiming to have fun and a new experience to wanting to take home the hardware. After all, it’s your entry fee so you should get to determine how seriously you take the tournament.

What is an invitational in golf?

An "invitational" is a type of golf tournament in which the golfers who are competing are limited to those who have been issued an invitation to play, or who have met pre-set criteria that automatically qualified them to receive an invitation.

Where can I find local golf tournaments to enter?

Here are a few places to find local golf tournaments and events to consider entering as you begin playing in tournaments. If you’re playing in your first amateur golf tournament, a good one to start with is your local public course’s club championship. Golfers subtract their handicap numbers from their final scores.

How do I establish a handicap for a golf tournament?

Before you do anything else, establish a USGA handicap either by signing up online or at your local golf course. Note that you need several rounds of scores to establish a handicap and most tournaments require an official handicap.