Should you ship your golf clubs before you travel?

Should you ship your golf clubs before you travel?

It is always better to ship your golf clubs ahead rather than carry around the golf sticks all along while traveling. As you can see, most of the airlines also charge a lot for checked bags and carry-on bags, hence invariably you are charged high for your golf clubs’ shipping.

How much does it cost to ship golf clubs with FedEx?

Shipping golf clubs with FedEx can cost up to $100 each way when shipping domestically. Ground service will typically take an average of 4 business days to deliver to your destination. International shipping may take even longer.

How much does a golf club cost?

The cost of a club can vary greatly. For example, a single driver can average $300-400, but can quickly get more expensive. Certain graphite shafts can help get the cost of a driver over a thousand dollars. The type of club matters too, however high-end putters, like the Titleist Scott Cameron can be even more expensive than a driver.

How much does it cost to play with TaylorMade golf clubs?

Play with premium clubs delivered anywhere in the US, starting at $69 (day 1), $25/day (days 2-5), and $10/day (days 6+)s. You focus on golf, and we’ll handle the logistics. Own the experience, not the clubs. Vincent C. at Blackthorn Golf Club … Ryan W. with TaylorMade P790 / SIM2 … Georgina F. at Wolf Run Golf Course …