Should you overseed fairways on private golf courses?

Should you overseed fairways on private golf courses?

However, the overseeded ryegrass adds additional maintenance costs and competes with the bermudagrass in the spring and summer. Overseeding is needed on resort courses to attract golfers in the winter and spring, but I think it is best not to overseed fairways on private courses for the reasons listed below.

What is overseeding in golf?

Various types of grasses might be involved in overseeding, but the process is most commonly used to switch a golf course over from a warm-season grass to a cool-season grass, and back again.) Overseeding thus keeps a growing turfgrass available for golfers to play on.

Can golfers tell the difference between turf colorants and regular overseeding?

The majority of golfers could not tell the difference between fairways treated with turf colorants and the conventional overseeding practices. Low-handicap players at the course especially preferred the colorant-treated playing surfaces.

Why do some golf courses have very hairy Greens?

So overseeding (which is sometimes done in conjunction with aeration) can, for a period of a week or 10 days or so, result in very "hairy" greens, fairways and tee boxes. Because greens with uncut grass can be difficult to putt on, some (but not all) golf courses offer green fee discounts during periods of overseeding.