Should you mark your golf ball with dots or lines?

Should you mark your golf ball with dots or lines?

Most golfers assume the only way to mark your ball is to use a line, and if they find that doesn’t work, they ditch ball markings all-together. But there’s one type of marking that generally flies under the radar, which could arguably help golfers more than anything else: A series of well-placed dots all over your golf ball. Why?

Should you mark your golf ball with a Sharpie?

But marking your ball doesn’t need to be a quick scribble with a sharpie, in fact, marking your golf ball is a great way to personalize your game! Many players simply color in one or more dimples with a Sharpie and are done with their identification duties. Others put more effort into creating cool golf ball markings.

How to mark a golf ball on the putting green?

Marking the golf ball on the putting green is a common occurrence. So you better know the correct procedure. Place a small coin (or similar ball marker) directly behind your golf ball on the putting green. Pick up your golf ball. Important: Make sure your ball marker is on the ground before lifting the ball.

Do you know how to identify your golf ball?

If you clearly mark your ball with distinctive dots, lines, your initials or even a smiley face – there can be no dispute that it’s yours. It’s not enough to declare ‘it must be mine, it’s a Titleist!’ And being able to identify your ball isn’t just for fun.