Is my golf ball position too far forward?

Is my golf ball position too far forward?

Many golf instructors and coaches (let alone your friends and buddies) would tell you that this ball position is too far forward. However, the other thing that this ball position does being forward is it promotes pressure on the lead foot at impact. Many amatuers struggle with experiencing pressure to the lead foot prior to impact.

Where should the golf ball position between your legs?

Where they line up to position the ball between their legs will change dramatically, according to the club, and it’s the thing that makes the club put the proper loft on the ball. Here is a helpful chart to figure out exactly where the golf ball position should be for every club. One to two ball widths forward of centerline.

Why is ball position so important in golf?

Along with grip and posture, ball position is considered to be one of golf’s "fundamentals" and is essential to play consistent golf. But like most things in the game, ball position can be complicated.

How many positions are there in the golf swing?

Below are the 10 positions of the golf swing. While it may not seem like classifying the golf swing into 10 positions is a useful thing to do, throughout this instructional series, I will need a way to communicate what part of the swing I’m talking about. Therefore, these swing positions are the best we can do.