Is Koepka being paired with DeChambeau?

Is Koepka being paired with DeChambeau?

Koepka is echoing DeChambeau, saying he wasn’t asked about being paired with his rival, and the USGA are denying it happened as well. However, despite this the damage has been done.

What happened between Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka?

Then came the PGA Championship, when, with the spark of his metal spikes on the cart path, DeChambeau lit the fuse that detonated the bomb that blew the lid off the enitre feud. With a mere eyeroll Brooks Koepka elevated to his beef with Bryson from internal cat fight to global phenomenon, kicking off what has since become known as The Long Summer.

Is Bryson DeChambeau dodging Koepka at USGA event?

Broadcaster (and former tour winner) Brad Faxon claims the USGA offered to pair them together, which DeChambeau declined. Now, Bryson’s camp has been vehemently denied he was offered the chance — because as it stands the assumption is that he’s dodging Koepka.

Is the DeChambeau-Koepka feud good for golf?

Koepka felt his feud with DeChambeau was good for the game of golf, telling Golf Digest: “It’s bringing new eyeballs. Like I said last week, you’ve got different—it’s pretty much been on every news channel,” Koepka said.