Is early extension a swing killer?

Is early extension a swing killer?

That should tell you something about just how big of a swing killer this bad habit can be. Early extension in the simplest terms is any movement of the lower body toward the golf ball during the downswing.

What is early extension in the golf swing?

What Is Early Extension In Golf? Early extension is when a golfer’s pelvis moves closer to the golf ball during the early part of the downswing (or indeed while completing their backswing).

How can I prevent early extension when I swing?

A common drill used by our GOLF Top 100 Teachers to prevent early extension is to make swings with your rear end against a wall. Keep your rear against the wall as you swing and you’ll feel what it’s like to stay in your posture and not extend early. To receive GOLF’s all-new newsletters, subscribe for free here.

How can I improve my arm extension on the golf course?

One of the easiest drills you can do to address early extension is to get physically closer to the golf ball in your setup. If you take a golf ball-sized step closer to the ball, your hips will be forced to move away from the ball to create space for your arms.