Is Cobra Golf owned by Titleist?

Is Cobra Golf owned by Titleist?

The larger brand that acquired Cobra Golf five years after Norman’s involvement was the Acushnet Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortune Brands, Inc. That sale happened in 1996, and it made Cobra a sister brand to Titleist, which was (and still is) owned by Acushnet.

Why did Cobra Golf get sold to Puma?

The reason for this transfer was that Cobra Golf clubs had started to compete with Acushnet’s own brand of golf clubs, instead of complementing them. However, Puma AG made most of the acquisition of Cobra Golf and expanded its production by several folds.

What happened to Cobra Golf Clubs?

The company was acquired in 1996 by American Brands Inc. (later known as Fortune Brands) and was grouped together under the Acushnet Company umbrella along with the company’s other golf brands, Titleist, FootJoy, and Pinnacle Golf. In 2010, Cobra was acquired by Puma SE. [5]

Where to buy Cobra golf clubs and accessories?

Being one of the leading equipment brands, Cobra Golf’s clubs and accessories are available at most big retail shops and online golf equipment retailers like Amazon, as well as the smaller golf retail outlets.